The fastest, smartest way to pick crabs and lobsters


CrabKey's nose braces against the outside of the sturdy shell as its handle is lifted, pulling the blade up to split the shell from the inside out, quickly and easily recovering whole sections of meat without crushing in bits of shell in the process.

Made of tough Delrin resin and hardened stainless steel, this tool will last a lifetime.

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CrabKey turns this...

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THE REVIEWS from Buyers


  • WORKS GREAT 06/03/2023

    "After many Years eating crabs , I found that this is the best way to crack crabs shell and not making a mess, is easy to use once You do 1 or 2 legs , fast and went finish easy to clean, just eat 1.5 pound Alaska king crabs they were great , I will recommend this tool to any one" C Solana

  • Super Great 11/28/2022

    I’m so glad that I ordered this because it’s great for crabs. It’s also useful for other things. I recommended highly. I’m giving them out for Christmas gifts.

  • IT IS EASY TO USE 12/04/2023

    "The crabkey makes it easy to get the meat out without a bunch of shell bits in the meat. It's a simple tool, but it works really well. I don't know why nobody ever thought of this before." - Joe H.

  •  Love this tool 10/16/2023

    It does a great job on steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs! Easy to use and helps to get the meat out without wasting any crab!

  •  It works 09/01/2023

    Makes getting into these legs really easy. Rare Black Pearl

  • Works great 08/19/2023

    Works exactly how I expected it to Rebecca

Crabs are tough!

Nature made crabs hard to open on purpose. The hardness and shape of the shell protects the crab from outside predators, including you.

Getting to the meat is a challenge

The traditional approach involves hammers, crackers, and picks. It's a wasteful, brute force approach that makes a mess, destroys a lot of meat, and drives in shell fragments. Given the cost of lobster and crab, it's a problem that needs a solution.

Cracks 'em from the inside out

CrabKey unzips lobster and crab legs, bodies, and claws from the inside out – recovering whole sections of meat without embedded shell fragments.